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  • I'm in Fury Playing Street Fighter IV on 360

    I'm in Fury Playing Street Fighter IV on 360

    February 21st, 2009 | Gio, Random or Demented, Video Games | Giovanna | No Comments

    Got my ass kicked by a sh*tty little 9 year old on Live. I don’t get these new games with fancy 3D graphics and moves. I’ve been playing the Street Fighter series since 1992 and all the sudden this kid born this decade kicks my ass. My screen name on Live is WebYuppie. I’m going […]

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  • Final Fantasy 3 DS

    Final Fantasy 3 DS

    January 20th, 2008 | Video Games | Giovanna | 4 Comments

    I got this game for Christmas and I’ve been playing it for hours each day. I’m so hooked, too bad I’m almost at the end of the game. I love the Final Fantasy series and prefer RPG games over any other genres. The best feature of FF3 DS is the classic 16-bit style of play. […]

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