Who's behind America's distrust for big government

  • Read this as soon as it hit the wires last Saturday. The poll was organized by the non-partisan Pew Research Center but regurgitated by the mainstream media. Well okay 78% of Americans don’t trust big government but the biggest FAIL isn’t Congress or the Obama administration, it’s the stupid media for not vetting Obama’s big government agenda. This gave drones who can’t think for themselves an easy answer. I’ve always thought political candidates who will serve the public’s best interests were either uncharismatic or had a business discipline. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ron Paul lie but he’s just not charming enough to woo the masses. That sucks for America.

    I’d love to see a poll on America’s distrust for mainstream media.

    The countries that practice democracy in its purest form don’t “celebritize” their politicians. You won’t see them in the news often because they carry out and serve the decisions of the public. Switzerland for example, does NOT have a Head of State as that role is carried out by the Federation. They do have a President of the Federation but the role only has a one year term.

    What’s really ironic is how leaders of the worlds most CORRUPT countries use Switzerland’s pro democratic resources (BANKING) to stash the money stolen from their people.

    Anyway, I don’t trust the media and the only source I semi-trust is Bloomberg news.

    And if you really want to know what’s going on in America, just go to international news sites like this:

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