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  • CPM Drop

    CPM Drop

    January 22nd, 2009 | Business Rants, Marketing, PPC | Giovanna | No Comments

    A nosedive CPM drop is something I never thought would happen. When I started publishing sites a few years ago, the agenda was to rank and keep ranking. The higher the CPM, the more competitive the industry. Since my goal is sustainability anyway, I went after a pretty competitive yet undeserved niche. Everything was done […]

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  • Pink Eye Pirate

    Pink Eye Pirate

    January 11th, 2009 | Gio, Random or Demented | Giovanna | No Comments

    I got lazy and left my daily contacts on for two days. When I finally removed them, the right lens dried out so bad that it ripped off the tear producing membrane of my right eye. Although my eye was pinkish, it really wasn’t pink eye. Maybe I had a lazy eye. Get it? Har […]

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