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  • A nosedive CPM drop is something I never thought would happen. When I started publishing sites a few years ago, the agenda was to rank and keep ranking. The higher the CPM, the more competitive the industry. Since my goal is sustainability anyway, I went after a pretty competitive yet undeserved niche.

    Everything was done best of breed – from design to content quality. Another reason I started the site was to warn a family member about the risks involved with this niche. That led to the creation of a graphic tool like no other.

    It was a fair trade-off with the search engines where I enhanced user experience and attracted organic links. No black hat techniques were performed. I was subtle with the ads, there were no pop-ups, cookies or spyware.

    I began to get some traffic, things were good and dandy until the beginning of this year…

    A 70 percent drop from last year’s average CPM can really sting revenue. It was something I never prepared for because CPM varied by industry and remained a constant. Page impressions and click through rates were the two variables of concern once a vertical is targeted. It’s beginning to not be the case because now we have to factor in micro-economic trends that may affect advertiser’s budgets.

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