Final Fantasy 3 DS

  • I got this game for Christmas and I’ve been playing it for hours each day. I’m so hooked, too bad I’m almost at the end of the game. I love the Final Fantasy series and prefer RPG games over any other genres. The best feature of FF3 DS is the classic 16-bit style of play. No annoying fancy 3D, just good old fashioned game play, an awesome plot, lovable characters and fun side quests. It’s not a Final Fantasy 2 for the Super Nintendo (THE BEST GAME EVER – and will blog later explaining why) but the roots from its SNES father is noticable.

    Oh and my Final Fantasy 3 DS friend code is 1117 9224 6044.

    You need to have access to the wifi feature and have a few buddies on the roster to take advantage of the awesome weapons you can’t get otherwise. I have the best weapons for my favorite characters:

    Luneth – Dragoon, job level 99

    Arc – Monk, job level 99

    Ignus – Knight, job level 99

    Refia – Thief, job level 99

    I’m also building up job levels for the ninja, black belt and the infamous onion knight. For the final boss, you NEED to have a Devout. A level 20 is sufficient for this job and you don’t have to build it up to a 99.

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  • Ed Welch 01.20.2008

    Hey Gio:

    Have you played any of Bioware’s RPGs like KOTOR I or II, Jade Empire or Mass Effect?

    I love RPG’s – particularly the “non – dungeon” type listed above. The deep character interaction is totally cool!


    Also, I can’t wait to play Star Wars – The Force Unleased – it should be out in April.

  • Hey Ed,

    You’re a Bioware fan, aren’t you? I like RPG games by Square Soft. I have most of the major consoles except the Xbox 360 so I haven’t played Kotor and Jade Empire….hmm if the games are that good I should buy one. I have a Wii but find myself playing the DS more. I’ll blog about the games you mentioned if I get a chance to play them.

    RPG’s are the BEST!!!!!!

  • Ted Williams…

    I declare war on thee….

  • I need to find two keys to the crystal tower for final fantasy 3

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