My 1st MacBook Pro in 3 Years…

  • Heavily DISAPPOINTED me.  It’s the 15 in. unibody, 2.8 ghz, 4gb ram, 500hd, GeForce 9400M + 9600M GT with 512mb, superdrive 8x…
    AND the damn thing froze and crashed minutes after I registered online.

    Aside from that encounter, the thing “bleeps” randomly. It drove me mad so I searched online to see if people had the same issues and here’s what I found:

    So Apple acknowledged the problem and released a Bluetooth and HD firmware for units shipped before June 09

    At $2500 a pop (I tried cheesing for the student’s discount but to no avail), one would think Apple had better QA. What sucks too is that the problems occurred to a lot of people.

    The only thing differentiating Macs from PCs is the OS and I’ve heard great things about Windows 7. I’m very unbiased and not a fan of either brands. I guess all I wanted was to get my money’s worth.

    On a lighter note, I will admit that I enjoy watching the enthusiasm of Mac fanboys on youtube. I love how they do Apple’s marketing work for free. It’s fun to watch the newly converted Mac users unbox their white Macbooks or 13” MBP.

    The truth is,  I bought this MBP to give as a gift but I learned that they have one already so I ended up just keeping it. That’s probably for the better because I’d be embarrassed to give a friend a broken present.

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  • debbie 03.27.2010

    Good job side stepping that social faux pax.

  • err faux pas..

  • totally slipped my mind, but i bought you a ferarri for christmas. it was making a weird clicking sound, so i didn’t give it to you. have a nice day.

  • I know how to fix Ferrari bleeps…that I can take care of

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