I'm Addicted to Fallout 3

  • Been playing it for almost 100 hours with the good karma option. Just installed 5 new DLCs that will take an extra 20 hours or so to finish. After beating the game, I’m looking forward to playing it again from the beginning as the bad guy. I’m going to give my character a “witchy” look. She’ll be the baddest bitch in the Wasteland and beyond.

    Fallout 3 is the BEST GAME I’ve played in the last 10 years…and that’s saying a lot.  I know, I need to go out more. But going out sucks anyway. It’s all a bunch of people BS-ing and a lot of nonsense in the end.

    I am also looking forward to Mass Effect 2, Bioshock2 and Fallout New Vegas.

    Ugh, so many games – so little time. It sounds pretty dorky but I’m happy.

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  • debbie 01.27.2010

    All this time I thought you were busy working.

  • I was shopping to get you a seat cushion for your hemorrhoid.

  • im also addicted to fallout exept maybe im worse…im bringing the game into the real world….i find myself role playing and acting like im a lone wanderer…..im becoming the person who i would usually make fun of….i hate who ive become because of fallout….

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