Ferrari for my 29th bday

  • It was the funnest gift ever. Aaron is against the purchase of exotic cars that go up in value but he was nice enough to let me drive one for a day.

    He originally chose the F430 but I told him that I wasn’t ready for that beast. We ended up with a ’02 395-HP 360 Modena, 6 speed manual. The car responds obediently when I wield the stick up demanding for more power.

    We drove from the Strip to Hoover Dam and Arizona.  There was a brief period when the car passed 120mph but this time, I wasn’t the passenger.

    Ferrari owners have told me that dealers like pushing the F1/paddle shift transmission. As a manual transmission fan, I never understood why buyers would go for the paddle when driving outside a racing track.

    November 14th, 2008 | Giovanna | 2 Comments |

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  • errerr 11.14.2008

    You crazy kids! I think for your 30th (OOH OOOOH :D), you should get to keep it. Manual transmission and all!

  • More search engine traffic, more successful PPC campaigns, and you get to keep it. That’s what Aaron must have told you. 😀

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