120% ROI on My First PPC Campain?


    It was a cheesy test campaign with a tiny set of KWs. It was organized incorrectly but I will admit that the landing page was conversion oriented and I wrote the copy myself. I have read so many books on conversion and I love making tweaks so I guess that helped out a bit. I still feel the 120% ROI was an anomaly because I haven’t done this long enough and I lack data.

    I am anticipating a loss (cost of a new low-end luxury car) before I get the hang of this. Besides, advertising is considered a business expense so no real loss for me in the long run. Optimistic, no?

    I’ll use this shite blog to record my progress.

    April 28th, 2008 | Giovanna | 20 Comments |

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  • I’m looking forward to see what happens to your next campaign

  • Hi Silver,
    It will be such a great opportunity to meet Steve Jurvetson tonight if only I’m not swamped with work. I’m still going to send you the files I promised to give you πŸ™‚

  • Great job! Glad to see you diving right in. Do keep us posted with your progress.

    Soon you’ll be known as “The PPC Super Affiliate SEO Expert” πŸ˜›

  • Hi Jimmy,
    Geez, “PPC Super Affiliate SEO Expert” is a pretty intense title. I don’t think I’m up to snuff for such designation. I just want to be known as the girl who likes Ferrari cars and can play Wii Mario Kart like there’s no tomorrow πŸ™‚

  • That title does sound pretty intimidating, doesn’t it? :O

    What’s your Ferrari of choice?

    I just started playing Mario Kart Wii because my brother-in-law brought it over yesterday. Pretty fun! Do you use the steering wheel, or the controller? We’ll have to play sometime, though I’d probably get my butt kicked. :-/

  • 120% is not that unusual πŸ™‚ I typically shoot for doubling my daily spend on any PPC campaign.

  • Hi John Ha$$on,
    Doubling daily spend is truly admirable!!! I’ll be super ecstatic if I continue doing 120%. In fact, I’ll be happy with a 10-20% ROI. God knows how much money I’ll blow with this experiment. Hmm, I should subscribe to your blog. Do you mind sharing Neil Patel’s Centurion card number? J/K πŸ™‚

  • Jimmy,

    Aaron ordered Wii Mario Kart on Amazon.com (through my affiliate link, of course) and got an extra steering wheel. Totally, we all should play soon…well not too soon coz I gotta practice some more.

    The Ferrari Enzo is my dream car but I have no plans getting one yet. I’m shooting for the 360 with Grigio Alloy exterior if I do really well. Deadline is November 2009 (my 30th bday).

    Actually I almost bought a 6 speed 355 with Scuderia shields as a “pat on the back” for working really hard the past year and a half but the husband interfered.

  • Awesome! We’ll definitely have to play Mario Kart Wii sometime. I tried multi-player mode yesterday and found it really fun and competitive. Get your practice in and let me know when you’re ready!

    I think the Ferrari Enzo is a dream car for many. The 360 is definitely bad ass and one cannot go wrong with silver. I’ve never had a chance to ride in a Ferrari before, so you’ll have to take me for a spin when you get one.

    What do you think about the 430?

  • All I’ll say is that Neil’s card had a bunch of repeating numbers and a pair of 0’s in it somewhere πŸ™‚ — made is way easier to remember. (But I don’t remember it anymore ;))

  • Hi Gio,

    IÒ€ℒm keen to get started on this PPC/CPA endeavour and would like to learn from you. May I know how shall I get started? Pls. advise.

    Btw, if you donÒ€ℒt mind, may I know do you have any email so that I could email you directly?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Tere,

    Sure – you can email me at mildscorpion@hotmail.com πŸ™‚

  • Congrats Gio! That’s terrific ROI :D.

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  • Your kicking butt! 120% on accident! Pretty Good!

  • Congrats,I wonder what you must have done. Great result, Update us as it goes next time.

  • Joe

    Congrats for your success. till now how many successful campains you handled?

  • Hey guys!! hope you’re all well!!! – are any of you interested in outsourcing your campaigns to a qualified professional to have techniques implemented to your campaigns to reduce click costs? and increase the conversions using your matchtypes???

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  • my dream car is none other than the Porsche 911,.;

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