Bound to Explore an Unknown Territory – PPC and Affiliate Marketing

  • High tech marketing – check!

    Intellectual property licensing – check!

    Product design – check!

    (this one is OFF but led to the one below) Home remodeling – check!

    E-commerce – check!

    Clear hat SEO – check!

    PPC and Affiliate Marketing – X

    I have no plans on leaving SEO. It’s great but it does get a bit “YAWN” especially if there’s a backlog and we’re waiting on people. There’s something mystical and intriguing about these super affiliates using PPC. Unlike SEO, there is a great divide in income with Internet marketers pushing affiliate stuff. I see guys from digital point rejoicing from their $15 commission after losing hundreds of dollars on PPC. A poll on wicked fire put the majority towards the low-end of the earning spectrum. I guess this is true in most economies as well.

    The super affiliates are the ones who perfected the art of testing rigorously, buying low, selling high, across a multitude of offers, against thousands of competitors with only THREE major advertising channels – Google, Yahoo and MSN. In other words, it’s f*ck*ng competitive and saturated out there. One super affiliate credited his ability to think out-of-the-box for his success. That makes a lot of sense to me because if you put in the numbers, it seems almost impossible to make a buck doing this. Then again you hear of folks making $5000+ a day, net, doing this exact thing.

    Honestly, it boggled my mind and has piqued my insatiable curiosity. I want to learn this stuff but blind to know where to start. Should I focus on a certain geography, niche, offer, network, keywords, competition…..? I’m still in discovery phase and may or may not like what I will uncover.

    Recently, I came across Adwords Course by KKSmarts and found it somwhat useful with the projects I will run.

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  • Peter 04.18.2008

    Hey Giovanna,

    You may or may not know Jeremy Palmer. He’s a super affiliate that uses a lot of PPC to get traffic to his offers. For a short time, he is opening a window to teach his strategies to others FREE. I’d recommend if you’re wanting to go down that road, you check it out.


  • I’m with you, I think it is harder than it looks, but at the same time I read posts by people earning nicely doing this and they seem to be just average joes, not marketing geniuses.

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