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  • I realized that I am not a part of Generation Y or sometimes called the Millennials. Instead I am a Gen X-er, those who were born between 1965-1979. I was only a month and a half away from the Gen Y cut but oh well.  I basically distributed a press release last week announcing the influence and power of the Millennials in this year’s presidential election. I wrote the comprehensive, yet simple to read Student’s Guide to Voting with the knowledge that I was a part of the Millennials.

    I hope college kids will find the free guide useful as it was written with sincerity.

    March 27th, 2008 | Giovanna | 3 Comments |

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  • Ed Welch 03.27.2008

    Hi Giovana:

    You put a lot of work into your Student’s Guide to Voting. Although I’m far beyond my “formal student days” – I actually found it refreshing to look at your voting guide – and not find some kind of hidden “political agenda” – you’re straight down the middle and I respect that. Although I don’t have a lot of readers on my blog as of yet (I have a few) – I’ll write a blog entry (sometime in the next week or two) about the value of your Student’s Guide to Voting. Nice work!


  • Hi Ed,

    Glad you liked my guide. I have no bias or agenda which kinda makes me weak but if I had a bias then the guide will lose its credibility.

    Thanks for taking the time to read it and I do visit your often!


  • Hi Ms. Gio. Thanks for dropping by my website. Say Hi to Aaron for me. Hope he remembers me.

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