The Business Book Buying Binge

  • Ah, so many books so little time. It would be totally awesome to have a Spring time book reading retreat in the Swiss Alps. It’s not going to happen this year but maybe in 09. Anyway, I thought it was time to refill my mind with new knowledge because change is faster than ever before and old rules underperform. Via my affiliate link, I got the latest books on marketing, Internet marketing, business strategy and even a book on the history of capitalism.

    Business Books

     I think I’ll start reading the one by Mike Moran, “Do It Wrong Quickly” then reward myself with the “History of Capitalism” by Michel Beaud. After these two, I’ll just randomly pick a book and start reading away.

    When I finish, I’ll write a summary that covers the main points and share it with everyone.

    February 6th, 2008 | Giovanna | 3 Comments |

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  • Matt 02.06.2008

    Hey Gio the offer was for real – it certainly wasn’t spam.

  • Heh, I’ve bought books after clicking my own affiliate links too :). Right now my reading list is looking like this:
    – Web Design 4 ROI
    – Web Analytics an Hour a Day
    – The Influentials
    – Small Business Taxes

    And I just finished Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln (great, very digestible read!).

    Anyways, nice to see another bookworm in the search marketing business. Apparently Aaron’s a big reader too?

  • Oooh, I need to read Small Business Taxes. I love my affiliate link coz I get 6%. Woot-woot.

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