• That was my favorite word to yell out when I was cheering for the team. I played and watched a lot of basketball back in school and for some reason, I would get more excited when shots were blocked than shots made. I would scream…R-E-E-E-J-E-C-T-E-D with so much glee and enthusiasm. I was a point guard so I didn’t really block shots. I just made very bad ones 🙂

    Ouch, That Stings

    Outside basketball and the joy of youth/adolescence, rejection hurts. It dawned on me in my mid 20’s that adults go through a lot of mental/emotional pain, disappointment and stress. Recently, I had my eye set on this job opening. The company pre-screens applications and I made it to the prep stage. Unfortunately, there were others vying for the position. I dedicated 2 1/2 weeks of my time for this prep phase. I didn’t engage in any of the activities I love doing. It was work with no pay and no guarantee of employment. I cared less for the money, instead, I wanted to do something that will truly benefit the employer and their readers. That will not happen because I got word this morning that the job went to someone else. Upon reading that message, I didn’t know whether or not I should throw a tantrum, weep or respond with a hate letter. My energy was low due to poor sleeping habits and decided to reflect and analyze my mistakes instead.

    It is Foolish to Not Learn from Mistakes

    To cut your loses, it really does pay to learn from mistakes because it builds your experience and hopefully prevents you from making the same ones.


    • Inexperience, despite manpower will always fall behind wisdom and time tested experience.
    • Adhering to the principle of finishing what was started isn’t enough. Full effort must always be exerted.
    • Work in a quiet place and avoid distraction.
    • Respect the mind and body by getting ample sleep.
    • Manage time wisely and avoid rushing.
    • Employees do not share the same vision as owners. This explains why large, intelligent companies regard talented and driven employees as their best assets.

    How to Cope from Rejection

    Time heals, it really does. Also, a realization that there are plenty of opportunities available and rejection makes you stronger will significantly reduce your burden. In fact I feel that I am back to normal after writing this post. Don’t forget to laugh and find humor in many things (this works wonders). Oh and it’s good to remember that…It was their loss.

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  • Ed Welch 01.29.2008

    Hey Gio:

    That post took me on an emotional ride.

    First, I thought of this: My favorite bball team (O State Cowboys) has a player who is arguably the best defender in the NCAA – his name is Marcus Dove. He’s 6’9″ and can guard all five spots on the floor. He’ll be in the NBA next year. It’s really exciting watching him play and you get to yell “rejected” all the time.

    Then you reminded me of high school: I was like the littlest boy in school (a late bloomer) so I was picked on, ridiculed, etc. (rejected) most of my school days. It’s no fun to be rejected. In fact, I didn’t never had a date until after high school….

    Anyway, good points about learning from mistakes and time healing. Very true….

  • Hey Ed:

    Yeah, I was in an emotional roller coaster when I wrote this blog post. I guess people experience rejection in different stages in life. Although my high school and college days were pretty awesome, it is adulthood that gets me. Business is such a dog-eat-dog environment that sometimes unexpected results can deeply scar you. But, I’m sure you and I can rise above it.

  • True enough……

    Tell me if I’m crazy but I was thinking about something the other day. I know you are a big fan of “role playing games” and that’s why your blog caught my attention….

    Being in “internet business” – sometime I feel as though the entire process of SEO, marketing, conversion rates, site optimization, etc. is like a giant “role playing game”. I’ve sort of learned to treat it that way anyway.

    I guess it’s the problem solving aspect of it that excites me. You take specific actions and get very measurable results – and so on – until you reach certain objectives.

    Anyway, maybe I play too many RPG’s or maybe I’ve been working to hard or both… or maybe I’m just a little nutty to begin with….. 🙂

  • Fear of rejection can be a total killer. Worst thing is when you let that fear hold you back from going after something, and then later you find out that the opportunity would have been even better than you thought … had you only taken it.

  • Michael…

    I will dream of your poetic words tonight….

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