How Mista Wong Changed My Life

  • We argue a lot over petty things and you easily get excited causing you to raise your voice. Sometimes, we behave like undisciplined children. But beyond that, you have opened my eyes and showed me how to love and commit.

    The best way to show someone that you really care for them is to love them unconditionally and also be sincerely interested in what they are doing. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t be involved in the projects we are working on together. In fact, I pushed really hard to be able to work with you. I can quit and do something else…but I can’t. I love what I do because it’s a common interest we share and it gives me an opportunity to spend time with you.

    You changed my life by allowing me to care and be unselfish. You revived my drive to excel in life. You created an environment for me to unleash my competitive nature.

    Mista Wong, you have a terrible habit of putting words in my mouth and misunderstanding me. I will tell you this, you’re my hero and I look up to you.

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