First Meetup on Blogging

  • This was a defunct group that I took over a few months ago. It’s been around since 2002 and although it had over 200 members, they were mostly inactive. I decided to add more stuff on my plate and committed to have the first meeting in over a year. It was interesting because slots were filled up fast and as soon as someone dropped off, another one took over their place. I just hope I don’t make fool of myself.

    Areas of Discussion

    The cheesy title of this meeting is “How to Boost Traffic & Turbo Charge Your Blog in 2008”

    We will discuss major challenges in blogging including:
    1. How to Generate and Grow Traffic
    2. Building a Large Subscription Base
    3. Monetization Strategies
    4. Technology
    5. (I will leave this open for you guys to suggest)

    I have done very little, actually no preparation for this meeting. I want to wing it and speak from the heart. I fear public speaking and if I had to memorize a subject that I should know about already, then I feel my knowledge or interest is artificial.

    I hope to do well and help as many as I can.

    January 8th, 2008 | Giovanna | 3 Comments |

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  • VRBO 01.08.2008

    Thanx for putting on the “How to Boost Traffic & Turbo Charge Your Blog in 2008” it was nice to finally meet you.

  • You did great Giovanna! And thank you for all the effort that went into it. We all appreciated your organizing it and look forward to the next one.

  • Hi Giovanna and Aaron! Wow! Thank you so very much for so generously sharing your time and knowledge with all of us at the blogging meetup on Tuesday. It was a pleasure to meet both of you, and the info you shared was absolutely invaluable. The recommended books and sites are now on my “to-do” list, as is your amazing, info-packed site and book, Thank you soooo very much! Hope to meet up again at future events. Have a great week! 🙂

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