Why I Chose Python as the First Language to Learn

  • The code is a lot simpler than C/C++ and Java. You get to focus on developing your skills as a computer scientist and worry less on the syntax and semantics. MIT teaches Python in their CS1 course due to its simplicity. Here’s a comparison:

    Assignment: Print “Hey Gio” on the screen in Java

    print class Hello{
    public static void main(String args){
    System.out.prntln(“Hey Gio”);

    Assignment: Print “Hey Gio” on the screen in Python

    def main():
    print “Hey Gio”


    Great difference, right? Python can serve as a stepping stone to more complex languages to learn. I feel that if I started with C or Java, then I would probably be overwhelmed and quit. I will be self taught with no professors and college friends to study with. The best route in this case will be easier route which is Python.

    January 4th, 2008 | Giovanna | 3 Comments |

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  • Adam 01.04.2008

    hehe sort your tabbing out 😉

    (just popped over here from seobook btw)

  • I learnt Perl first then at uni they’re teaching us Java.

    Java so much more rigid it gets kinda frustrating- I just want to go with the flow I don’t want to have to worry about declaring data types and other things.

    Should have added this to the first comment I realise 😉

    Give me a ping when you’ve been blogging on here a bit long and I may subscribe :p

  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for popping by. Apologies with the tabbing. WordPress was a bit uncooperative with the indenting unless it was a block quote.

    I’ve heard horror stories about Java and couldn’t understand how some laud it as a beautiful, elegant language.

    I guess it’s worth learning down the road (After C/C++ and Ruby) but for now, I’ll be Python girl.


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