How I Got Started Playing…and Still Learning

  • My parents enrolled me to take private piano lessons when I was 5. It was fun and I learned how to read basic music. But years after that, without practice and application, I forgot everything.

    I heard the song Bullet the Blue Sky by U2 in 1988 so I got my dad to buy me the Joshua Tree cassette tape. I enjoyed it a lot but it wasn’t until Achtung Baby that made me a hard core U2 fan. I went ahead and bought all their albums. At the time, War became my favorite and the guitar riffs led me to buying a guitar when I was in the 8th grade. It was a crappy, generic electric that came with an amp that buzzed a lot so I hardly used it.

    The first tune I learned to play was Sunday Bloody Sunday from reading tablature. It was fairly easy to learn. I got more tablature books by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Dire Straits.

    I lost interest in playing the guitar by my sophomore year in high school.

    10 years later in 2005, I bought an acoustic Ibanez guitar. I felt the need to rekindle what I enjoyed doing in the past and also learning to read music.

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  • Stella 01.02.2008

    It’s never too late to learn!

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  • Riz

    HeyGio! (that’s why your URL is like that huh? hehe) Yeah, I remember you mentioned something about playing the guitar too back at SEMCON here in Manila, when we had a chat. I hope you remember me, Riz. 🙂 Yay you have a blog! 🙂

    Balik kayo sa pinas tapos shopping tayo! 🙂

  • Riz,

    I’m never going to be as good as you with the guitar. My biggest problem is my size of my hands. They are too small! When I play the G Chord I use my pinky finger to hold the 3 fret as opposed to my ring finger.

    I wanna hear you play one day. And yes….we’re going to invade the malls together.


  • Haha, this is really good. I am both a guitar player – actually I’ve been a guitar instructor – and an Internet Marketer. I will start a guitar website soon, and when I do, I am going to let you know. Meanwhile, don’t worry about small hands. There are lots of great guitar players with small hands, trust me.

  • Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, I will make sure I check your blog at least once a week. I made a new post if you are interested and a new commitment to myself at the same time. 😀

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